Take your shoes off, make yourself a cuppa and snuggle down as you browse through these pages if you please. They have been lovingly created to (hopefully) inspire you to take your home entertaining to the next level and get creative with your magical meal times. I am a home entertainment writer and food stylist with over a decade of experience working for high profile bars, restaurants and festivals in the UK and Sydney. My family and friends are an eclectic bunch of creative, passionate and colourful personalities and for as long as I can remember we have gathered over hearty and lengthy meals to laugh, support, bicker, confide and celebrate. For me, the dinner table is a place where hosting friends and family is done with consideration, warmth, good humour and grace. My experience has given me the knowledge and practical skills to plan, style and deliver a fabulous big budget event – but my upbringing has taught me that the most authentic, generous and memorable celebrations actually happen at home.

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I now apply all of my experience to show people how they can host dinners and parties in their own homes. I look at easy to follow menus for home cooks and then all the other little touch points that make an occasion a special one; such as playlists, table styling, flowers, scent etc to create a wonderful, warm atmosphere.

I truly believe that no matter what you have going on in your busy life, putting love and attention into meal times, making a celebration out of what is on your plate and who is sat around your table - is really what it is all about. Let me know if you try out any recipes or ideas - I love to see all your wonderful occasions and creations!

Thanks for checking in with me.

With love from my table to yours xxx