Styled Grazing Platters Baby..

Jenna Grazing Platter

You see that toothy grin right there, how I wish I could pull of the sexy gaze of a Nigella, but truth be told - creating these babies makes me smile from ear to ear and I just cant hide it. When I have friends over for casual drinks, or I’m doing a small event for people or brands - this is my go to creation. It’s easy, quick, it looks gorgeous and it’s delicious - so you’re basically killing a whole flock of birds with one stone. Simply find yourself a gorgeous board, platter, plinth of wood or slab of stone and whack on your favourite ingredients, slipping a berry, nut, bunch of herbs or flower into every available nook and cranny. That’s pretty much it. BOOM!

I’ve made everything from cheese versions of this to American style candy bars, bagel stations, Italian delights, Scandi smorgasbords and teddy bear picnics for the kiddie-winks. You can scale them up and down, depending on how many people you are catering for and you can do all the leg work before guests arrive, so you can actually chill out and enjoy the occasion for once.

For this particular one I created a basic savoury / cheese platter for an afternoon / evening drinks party. I used buffalo mozzarella, oozy brie, dolce latte and ash goats cheese as the stars of the show and then went to town with the accompaniments. Think about flavours that compliment the cheeses, then colour and texture to make the board look as inviting as it tastes. So here I went with jammy figs (great with blue cheese), asparagus spears, radishes, vine tomatoes, grapes, basil leaves, proscuitto, nuts, dried fruits and pomegranate jewels. The flavour combinations here are endless, so your friends can pick and choose what they want to taste and how they want to eat it.

Please give it a go and tag @jennalelsby in your efforts so I can drool over your platters with an equally toothy grin on my face.

Sending love as always xx

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