Day of the Dead - Fajita Fiesta

Halloween ain’t just for the kids my friends, let me tell you that for nothing. With my group of friends, basically any excuse to get dressed up and adorn ourselves and the room is alright with us. Not really being an all black everything sort of gal, we went with a theme a little more colour friendly - but still equally appropriate for the ocassion. So I give you, the ever popular “Day of the Dead” inspired Mexican-vibes, Fajita Fiesta. You’re welcome.

This dinner was held at the end of a busy day of shooting for my Surrey Life Column, so I do confess it’s a little less polished and a little more “throw it all together and hope it works” than normal- but when has that ever stopped me. The lighting is bad, the pictures are dark and I may have been taking them after one, or three, margaritas… but I like to think that adds to the charm.

Fajita Fiesta

What we ate:

Nacho bowls with refried beans, jalapenos, tomato salsa and melted cheese
Homemade guacamole, tomato, coriander & red onion salsa with tortilla chips
Chilli beef empanandas
Roast chicken tortillas with a chipotle rub, caramelised peppers & onions
BBQ corn on the cob with lime butter and cheese
Shredded red cabbage with spicy sour cream dressing

With the styling I went to town with contrasting fabrics, colours and edible elements along the centre of the table that reinforced the flavours of the menu. I used an Anthropologie fabric runner along the middle of the table and then used a candelabra with bright orange candles as the centre piece, from which I built the rest of the table scape across either side. Combining various fruits and veggies, like a good old pineapple, a scattering of limes and assorted peppers I could create interest in height and colour. Then I simply weaved in lots of fabulous Day of the Dead themed loot that I sourced from Flying Tiger to finish it all off. I went to town in this store as they have it all - so the sweetest little knitted cactus made an appearance and lots of skull candles, as well as brightly coloured paper napkins - because who can be bothered to wash linen ones on Halloween - certainly not I.

To set the tone for my merry band of revellers I created a sexy little fiesta playlist - that you can follow on my Spotify account should you choose (Jenna Elsby) and threw on a little embroidered shawl that I nicked from my gorgeous friend Loui’s wardrobe. The margaritas and red wine flowed like water and we shimmy-ed the night away in style. Boom. The evening included two resident chiwawa’s too boot - but these are an optional extra.

Let me know what you’re up to this Halloween lovely people… I’ll whack these recipes up in the Food section of this site so you can give it a whirl.

Sending tequila-tinged love your way xx

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