My Bathroom, My Escape

So, of all the rooms in your house, in my humble opinion - the bathroom should be one of serenity and peace. For one, it's my go to place for hiding from my 4-year old son when he is getting on my last nerve. "Mummy needs a poo poo" is a lie I have told one too many times, as far as Charlie is concerned I for sure have a severe case of IBS. Luckily for me he can't even spell IBS just yet, so currently it's the perfect crime. Aside from that it's the place I put my make-up on (a task that takes considerably more time and care as the years go by), enjoy a rarely uninterrupted shower or dare I say the odd indulgent bath...with candles and wine to boot. Oh yes, I am that friggin' fancy people. That said, like most spaces in my home, I prefer it to be clutter and chaos free. I say prefer with care, because as we all know this means jack sh*te in reality. 

Bathroom Styling

Of course the bathroom, like most other rooms in my house, looks like a Toys'R'Us catalogue has vomited all over the floor, with sodding lego, soldiers and animal figures as far as the eye can see. 'Tis a cross we must bear, but on the odd occasion (usually approximately 20 minutes before guests are due to arrive when I'm on a feverish cleaning spree) home can become that sanctuary it was before the fruits of our loins descended upon us and turned everything to sh*t. 

Whilst at the moment I am in a transient state, in-between homes, this picture is of my delicious bathroom hiding spot from my previous house. Oh how I loved it. It was small, but perfectly formed with matte white subway tiles, freestanding bath, and a hint of duck egg blue to add a little cheer. I kept the styling simple, with wrought iron hooks, black and white Missoni style towels, enamel toothbrush holder and a glorious little wooden "bath rack" from The White Company for that essential bath time wine we spoke so fondly of. It looked like this once and once only, when this picture was taken, but in that five minutes of glory how it shone.  Please accept this post as a homage to bathrooms around the country that are not fulfilling their true destiny ..and also a reminder to yourself to take that indulgent bath, or at least fake a spot of IBS for 10 mins from time to time. Either way, enjoy. 

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