Gis' a Cous Cous Moving Week Meals

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We're in! We are finally in to our new home and thank sweet goodness for that. It was a busy week, with lots of to'ing and fro'ing, sweating, juggling (boxes and schedules) as well as more late nights than I care to remember..but boy was it worth it.  Amidst all of the chaos, however, this dinner was a shining light of much needed sustenance and deliciousness. Following a few days of skipped meals and "let's use up all of the random scraps from the back of our cupboards" style dinners - this was heaven in a bowl. The tomato cous cous element is a slightly adapted recipe from one of my all time favourite books Plenty, by the ever inspirational Yotam Ottolenghi. Give it a go - I hope you like it.

Serves 2 (with leftovers) // Prep time: 15 mins // Cook time: 30 mins


3 x chicken breasts, diced
1 x courgette, cut into thick slices
1 x yellow pepper, cut into wedges
1 x red pepper, cut into wedges
1 x red onion, cut in wedges
1 x 225g pack of halloumi, cut into generous diced chunks
Dried oregano
1 x lemon
Cous Cous:
3 x beef tomatoes, quartered
Handful vine / pomodoro tomatoes, quartered
Handful of yellow cherry tomatoes, halved
1 x cup of cous cous to 2 x cups of water
Balsamic vinegar
1 x clove of garlic, minced
Splash of extra virgin olive oil
Sprinkle of soft brown sugar
Sea salt flakes & pepper
250g Greek yoghurt
1/4 cucumber, coarsely grated
1 x garlic clove, minced
Handful of fresh mint, finely chopped
Sea salt
Squeeze of lemon juice


  1. Preheat the oven to 180C and place the quartered beef tomatoes onto a lined baking tray. Sprinkle with the soft brown sugar (approx. 1 x tsp), drizzle with the balsamic vinegar and season with sea salt flakes and pepper.
  2. Meanwhile load the chicken chunks, halloumi and cut vegetables onto bbq skewers and place on a separate foil lined baking tray. Season with sea salt & pepper, the juice of 1 x lemon and a generous sprinkle of dried oregano.
  3. Place chicken kebab skewers onto the top shelf of the oven and bake until cooked through (approx 25-30 mins), turning once.
  4. After 10 mins of cooking time, add the prepared beef tomatoes to the oven on the bottom shelf and leave for 10-15 minutes. After this time add the yellow cherry tomatoes to the same roasting tray for the remaining cooking time.
  5. Whilst the chicken and tomatoes are doing their thing in the oven prepare the cous cos. Place the cup of cous cous into a lidded bowl or pan and drizzle with olive oil and season with sea salt, before adding the 2 x cups of boiling water. Give it a stir and place the lid on the pan/bowl and leave for 12-15 minutes to steam. 
  6. To make the tzatziki simply combine the yogurt, chopped mint, garlic clove, salt and lemon juice in a small bowl and taste. Adjust seasoning as required and keep cool until ready to be served. 
  7. Once the tomatoes are roasted to perfection (approx 25 mins) remove from the oven and set aside to cool.
  8. Fluff up the cous cous and add the two types of roasted tomatoes, fresh halved cherry tomatoes, the garlic clove, a glug of olive oil and a generous squeeze of lemon juice. Spoon into two bowls.
  9. Remove the chicken skewers from the oven and glide the cooked meat and veggies off of the skewers into the bowls (on top of the cous cous).
  10. Top with the gorgeous homemade tzatziki and some torn fresh mint.
  11. Best enjoyed with a chilled glass of Pinot Grigio or rose and your feet up.
FoodJenna Elsby