soulful suppers

Welcome to Soulful Suppers - a national supper club initiative to raise funds and encourage conversations around mental health. Launched in Jan 2019 with a very special supper hosted by Wagamama in Soho, London - the aim of the series is to encourage people around the country to get involved and register to host their own Soulful Supper in their homes or community. Positive mental health is centred around a person’s feeling of connection to like minded people and I truly believe there is no greater experience than sharing a meal with loved ones, friends and neighbours.


How it works

I have lovingly designed a DIY Soulful Supper pack for you to download - with simple recipes, styling ideas and suggested playlists so all you have to do is register your own event and get cracking - all in the name of Mind.

  1. Simply download the booklet

  2. Decide where you are going to host your meal, invite your friends / people in your community

  3. Get everyone to bring a dish (recipe suggestions available in the download)

  4. Set a donation price for a seat at the table (suggested price £20)

  5. Click through to the just giving page (link at the bottom of this page) and make your donation for the money you raised

  6. Enjoy the meal!

Make sure you take pictures, tag @soulfulsuppersuk / #soulfulsuppersuk, and tell us about your wonderful experience; what you ate, who came and what you talked about. We’d love to hear how everyone is getting on. Help us reach our initial £5k target and truly make a difference to the support that is available for people suffering across the country.


A note from Mind:

“We are delighted Soulful Suppers is supporting Mind. The money raised will help us reach a point where anyone with a mental health problem feels able to ask for, and access, the help they need. Money raised will fund our vital work including our Mind Infoline, information and advice services, and our campaigning to secure a better deal for the one in four of us who experience a mental health problem every year.”


open minds. open mouths

The Soulful Suppers launch event will form part of Wagamama’s “Open minds. Open mouths” campaign, which encourages people to open up and share what’s on their minds during the first part of 2019. They will be asking guests to draw themselves into the present moment, to appreciate what is around them; their food, conversation and their company. Wagamama have committed to helping encourage conversation, proudly supporting mental health charity, Mind and will be raising funds to help them answer an extra 8000 infoline calls during the year.

Magical things can happen around a table when people come together in the warmth of mutual love and respect to enjoy a meal. Good food and good people are one of the fundamentally resorative acts in our busy lives.

Donate funds from your own Soulful Supper:

Soulful Suppers at School

Encouraging positive relationships with food, mealtimes, mental health and body image are so important in our formative years; when our minds, opinions and routines are the most impressionable. Instilling solid foundations in the understanding and engagement with these topics in our children, I believe, gives them the necessary tools to enjoy a healthy well-rounded mindset for life.

That said, drawing on my own experiences with mental health and my work in the food industry, as well as my role as a mother to a beautiful and curious five year old boy - I want to engage with children from primary school (recommended year 5+) age right through to sixth form in the Soulful Suppers at School programme.

This four week programme covers topics such as: being mindful about what we are eating and the effects it has on our bodies, gratitude, self awareness checks and how to have meaningful conversations around a dinner table, how to make meal times more engaging (turning off the TV, iPads and phones!) and appreciating the food on our plates and the company at our table. The course then culminates in a group “Soulful Supper” where participants work together to plan, cook and deliver a communal meal for themselves and loved ones/parents - whilst raising money for Mind, the mental health charity.

Course Details:

  • The course runs for 1 x hour per week for four consecutive weeks followed by an after school Soulful Supper event on week five (it can be taken at lunch times, as part of a HE/PSE class or as an after school activity)

  • Recommended for groups of 10 participants maximum (years 5 - sixth form in preparation for self cooking at university)

  • Course fee includes all course materials and food for hands on cooking session

  • Can be executed by the school (following a training session) or I will run the duration of the course depending on location

  • For more details or to book a course please email: